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ID # 17287855

Great Plains 606NT

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The Great Plains 606NT Pull-Type No-Till Drill’s compact design is ideal for seeding into everything from pasture renovations to food plots. It features nine 06 Series Openers and a choice of 5/16" fluted or 5/8" Turbo Coulter blade options. The drill’s end wheel design reduces sideloading when operating on contours and curves, eliminating premature opener wear.

Other features combine to create a system designed for long-term dependability. These include heavy-duty coulters, an easy-to-access calibration crank, a central grease bank, lockout hubs for transport, and optional weight brackets.

The 606NT comes standard with a 12-bushel capacity main seed box. Additional seed boxes include a 1.44-bushel small seeds box or a 6-bushel native grass box for increased productivity across a broad range of seeding applications.


Model Numbers

Product Description

6' End Wheel No-Till Compact Drill


Sale Type
Great Plains


product features


The 606NT has a weight bracket that can be added to each end of the drill to add up to 600 pounds of weight for better penetration in extremely difficult no-till conditions.


Wide range of adjustments for matching coulter depth to seeding depth.

T-Handle Opener Depth Adjustment

The exclusive T-handle depth adjustment features 18 positions in 1/8" increments to properly set seed depth.

Press Wheel Options

Choices include, from left, single 3"x13" double rib press wheels*; 3"x13" center rib press wheels; single 2"x13" smooth press wheels; 1"x12" double-V press wheels; or double wedge-style press wheels that create a pinching action to close the trench. (*Only available by special order through Parts)

Lead Coulter Options

Choose between a 5/16" fluted coulter blade (at left) that penetrates easily for minimum tillage, or a 5/8" Turbo coulter blade (at right) that is more aggressive and prepares a mini seedbed ahead of the opener. Preloaded springs offer 450 lbs. of down pressure per row on the leading coulter.

4-Speed Gearbox

Changing seed rates is quick and effortless with these permanently lubricated, sealed gearboxes.

06 Series Opener

The 06 Series row unit utilizes the “Fluff and Plant” no-till system with an integrally-mounted coulter to cut residue and prepare a mini seedbed for the trailing double-disc opener. The opener discs are 13.5" in diameter and 4mm thick with 205 triple-lip sealed bearings, and ¼" opener disc lead. Our unique full-length seed tube design and trailing flap control the seed all the way to the bottom of the seed trench where the seed stays in place.